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Slippery, slick conditions hinder Wednesday morning drivers

Slick and slippery roads greeted morning commuters Wednesday. "A lot of the bridges and stuff were very icy and so it was a lot of slow going throughout the day," advised Chris Pacosz, a Baton Rouge Driver.

St. Francisville residents make do during Mother Nature's tirade

Much like the many tourists who make their way north from Baton Rouge, the worst of Tuesday's winter storm visited St. Francisville. But the town had few of the problems that appeared statewide during the ice storm a few days prior.

Local hospital continues care during cold weather

Officials at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center launched their emergency plans to help keep up care during the frosty temperatures and wintry mix coming to the Capital City area.

Stranded in the Capital City: One Metairie couple makes the best of it

In weather like this, you've heard before, stay inside and stay off the roads. That's easy if you live around here, but what if you don't?

Airport preps for bad weather: remind to check for cancellations and delays

Ramps turned into skating rinks, cars swerving and sliding everywhere, and traffic crawling along for hours is what we can expect tomorrow and with the icy conditions about to hit Louisiana again, traveling by car or by plane wont be easy and i

Drivers, LSP learn lessons from last week's ice storm

Last week's ice storm caught a lot of people by surprise, including drivers who didn't realize how dangerous the roads would be. But everybody is learning their lesson this time around.

Shoppers hit the store for supplies ahead of cold weather

People across the Baton Rouge Metro area spent the day getting ready and purchasing supplies before the cold weather hits. Hardware stores and groceries saw big crowds.

Gonzales educator named Ascension Parish teacher of the year

The Ascension Parish School Board announced on January 27, that it has presented with Christie Spohn with the Primary Teacher of the Year Award.

BR teacher turns fitness journey into a blog, inspiring people across the country

We've all heard of those stories where someone goes from being out-of-shape to fit. Well, this one's a little different.

Icy conditions affect airways; flight delays, cancellations

"We were flying to Helena, Montana to see our son," said one family,  but they couldn't even hit the air because they were stuck here, at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport.

Driving instructor warns commuters not to be over-confident on ice

After a night of snow, sleet, and sub-freezing temperatures, road conditions may be dangerous as you leave for work this morning.

Nearly 500 BR students attended 'March for Life' in Washington, D.C.

It was a welcome back worth waiting for Thursday.

LSU PD prepared and ready for emergency situations

College campuses are on high alert after a man was gunned down on Purdue University’s campus earlier this week, and another scare put Oklahoma University on lockdown.

BR man redefines what it means to be an athlete

For athletes, it's the thrill of the race or that big game, adrenaline pumping, as they push themselves to the limit. Well, for one local man, his ability to compete in his sport changed in an instant when he lost both of his legs.

Missouri first grader shaves head in honor of cancer-stricken friend

At Central Elementary in Union, Missouri, the best teachers may just be two students. "They are both individually incredible," said first grade teacher Adrienne Koester.