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'Zumba for Awareness' event hits Baton Rouge

'Zumba for Awareness' event hits Baton Rouge
Photo provided by staff.
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POSTED: Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 7:04pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 8:09am

Town Square filled up with dancing and fun for the Arc of Baton Rouge's ‘Zumba for Awareness’ event. Arc of Baton Rouge officials said March is developmental disabilities awareness month, and the inclusive event helped show off everyone's dance abilities.

 "People need to have an open mind and realize that people who have disabilities are really no different than anybody else. They have the same wants and needs. They have the same interests and they like to have fun just like everybody else," Molly Orr, inclusive recreation coordinator for Arc of Baton Rouge, said.

One of the dancers enjoying the Zumba fun was Bryson McCoy.

Bryson McCoy loves to dance. His mom Margaret McCoy and his friend Jaclyn Tisdale came out for the zumbathon.

“Not only does it bring me and Bryson out together into the community in order to just hang out, but it brings others here,” Tisdale said. “We are able to meet and mingle with new friends from the Baton Rouge area.”

There was plenty of people toe tapping and shaking to the beat. Bryson's support team watched as he showed off his Zumba moves.

“I feel proud. I know he's proud of himself for everything he's accomplished, and it makes everybody who knows him just as proud,” Margaret McCoy said.

The party wasn't about how well the dancers moved. It was about showing up and showing off your abilities.

"That everybody can come together as one. No one stand out everybody is equal," McCoy said.

“The great thing about Zumba is it's fun the music is lively,” Orr said. “It promotes being active and having a good time, and it's a celebration.”

Even when the moves were a little tricky the fun never stopped.

“Just having someone there to be silly with even… If you don't get the moves right just to have somebody by your side to just hold your hand and be silly with you is always great,” Tisdale said.

To learn more about Arc of Baton Rouge click here.   

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