Zachary residents being targeted by KKK fliers say they're not going to answer the call

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POSTED: Friday, September 14, 2012 - 5:35pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 17, 2012 - 1:19pm

Neighborhoods along a stretch of highway 19 near the Zachary Slaughter border are being targeted with a message from a group called the Aryan Nations Knights, but it's a message that's not being well received.

"I have two small children that I want to raise to be color blind and to have somebody bring this to them? They would probably be shocked," Ashley Hall, a Slaughter mother of two, said.

Zachary Police have already received five complaints about these letters in the past two days. And while they can't do anything to stop it, they have said they are keeping an eye on it.

"That's what America’s built on, freedom of speech. And they have that right, we're not going to violate that right. We just want to make sure and monitor that there's no intimidation, and no threats are being done to any citizens in Zachary." Zachary Police Chief David McDavid explained.

"I do see the argument about that when you talk about freedom of speech and everything. But I feel like now there shouldn't be room for that. it just causes tension and harsh feelings," Hall explained.

While police can't do much to curtail the fliers, residents in the area know one way or another, they don't plan on answering in the Klan's call.

"We as a people as citizens, we have to do our job and if these things are in our community and stuff like that. We’re not to participate in them," said another Zachary resident.

Zachary police have decided to increase patrols in the area for the time being.

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