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Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 11:27am

Jefferson and Johns, along with several other football players, were at Shady's Bar near LSU’s campus back on Aug. 19, 2011. That's when police say a fight broke out just outside the bar. The Police investigation began that night.

Then, on Aug. 24, 2011, cell phone video emerged of the fight and was made public. The name of the person who took this video still hasn't been made public.

That same day the Baton Rouge Police Department obtained a search warrant and began going through Jordan Jefferson's apartment for evidence. In that search, 49 pairs of shoes taken, along with a DNA swab from Jefferson.

Then, two days later on Aug. 26, 2011, Jefferson and Johns turned themselves in at Parish Prison. That's when the two were charged with Felony Second Degree Battery. The players bonded out of jail, but were suspended from the football team immediately.

The case against Jefferson and Johns was heard in front of a grand jury on Wednesday, Sept. 21. After hours of testimony and dozens of witnesses, the twelve members of the grand jury had not come to a decision.

Students at LSU feel that the continuance of the case is important as it’s necessary for the grand jury to hear all the evidence that’s available. They say if the players are not charged accordingly, it could hurt the football team, as well as the player’s future.

The case continues next Wednesday, Sept. 28 in downtown Baton Rouge.

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