Woman turns to Facebook to curb local crime

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Sunday, October 16, 2011 - 12:36pm

One Baton Rouge woman she's been the victim of theft, vandalism, even identity theft in Baton Rouge, and she says she's tired of being the victim. Now, she’s turning to Facebook.

Christina Grenat says she's seen it all in Baton Rouge.

“Someone carved a swastika in my car,” Grenat said when explaining her personal experiences with crime. “Someone stole my car, someone stole my bicycle on campus, someone stole my drivers license number.”

And she knows she's not the only one. So now, she's turning to Facebook to try and bring down the Capitol City's crime numbers,.

“I wanted to find a way where people all around the city could keep an eye out,” Grenat said.

She created a Facebook group, the Citizen's Crime Watch of Baton Rouge. The idea? Have people in the Capitol City, join, report suspicious activity, even post pictures of crime.

“Help our city and our citizens become more proactive in preventing crime and from being victimized by it. Grenat's focusing on the smaller stuff; burglaries, vandalism, and theft.

“Someone is stealing your personal property and it violates your rights,” she says.

All the small crimes that eventually lead to bigger deals. Grenat says the group could prevent people from being a victim - and stop crime from getting out of hand,

“I can't believe there’s not a group like this already,” Grenat said.

Though she only came up with this idea a few days ago, she says it's full steam ahead, because crime's happening around the clock. So the details of the group will work themselves out.

“People are being victimized, so I figure start now and figure it out as we go.”

Click here to find out more about the Citizen’s Crime Watch of Baton Rouge.

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