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Water pumping begins to ease Prairieville flooding

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Friday, January 25, 2013 - 5:39pm

Ascension Parish workers turned on a temporary water pumping station to speed the removal of water from Frog Bayou.

Alligator Bayou Road is now closed past Manchac Highlands. But the road closure is less important to people who live in that area than the reason behind it.

"No, in fact, I've never been down there," said Debi Sirven, who lives near the pumping station. "I didn't even know there was a levee down there."

Residents affected by the flooding are relieved that the parish is taking action. in addition to the dry weather the area has seen, they are starting to see levels fall.

"It has, it's slowly going down," said Georganna Johnson. "But it's, I've never seen it stay this long."

Right next to the pumping site, though, the homes are high enough up that they have not been impacted by the high water. But watching their friends and neighbors struggle has made them more cautious.

"I think we should probably be required to have some flood insurance," Sirven said, "because I'm not sure, if a hurricane came or something, what would happen in this area. But so far, we've been dry."

Some people have not seen their driveways in two weeks, forcing them to find creative ways to get to work everyday.

"(My neighbor) drives out in his truck, his pickup truck, parks that where he's left his Lexus, and he gets in his Lexus and goes on about his business, and comes back, gets in his truck, and he's got it marked so he doesn't drive into the pond."

Ascension Parish said the water will still take about two weeks to completely return to its normal levels.

But that is better than the month it would have taken if they did not set up the pumping operation.

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