Walker residents shocked by prostitution bust

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Monday, March 26, 2012 - 6:14pm

Walker Police busted a local prostitution ring during an undercover sting Friday night. That happened after they got a complaint about a woman selling sex for money in the small city. When police investigated, they found out that lots of local women are advertising escort services on a website. Many of them are making hundreds of dollars a night.

It's a crime people living in Walker normally associate with bigger cities, but not anymore. When residents heard about the prostitution ring happening right in their own community, they were appalled.

"Walker is a very friendly, wholesome community," says Walker mom Gina Felder. She never thought police would find alleged prostitutes in her close-knit community.

"It's something you think would happen in a big city. Not Walker."

Walker Police Chief, Hunter Grimes, agrees. "It's really shocking," he says. "Late at night, you sit up and watch the reality shows with police officers in Vegas or Miami or whatever the case may be, and they're doing these stings involving prostitution rings that are going on in their own communities. They're fighting them, and you're like, 'wow, glad that's not happening here.' Well that story has changed."

For the first time ever, Walker PD was involved in an undercover prostitution sting. They caught three people, but they say it's just the beginning.

"We could have gone on all night," Grimes says. "We could have gone on arresting people affiliated with Walker, in the Walker community, on the outskirts of Walker."

Residents just can't believe it.

"It's mindboggling to me," says Mindy Bailey. "Normally, you hear about stuff like that in Baton Rouge for the most part."

"That's just really sad that this is what it's coming to," adds Gregory Covington. He's lived in Walker his entire life.

Residents say they're surprised that they didn't know this was happening. "Is this your neighbor that this is going on with?" asks Felder. "Is it the cashier at the store? Who's doing that?"

Grimes says he refuses to let the problem get worse.

"This is a stepping stone to our next phase of this investigation," he says.

He vows to keep prostitution off of his city streets. "Look out," he warns. "We're coming again."

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