Walker neighborhood preps for potential street flooding, closure

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POSTED: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 5:33pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 6:11pm

People living along Pendarvis Lane in Walker say they are no strangers to street flooding. Now they are taking extra precautions to prepare for the bad weather expected with Isaac.

Pendarvis Lane sees two to three feet of water every time a strong storm rolls through Walker.

"This will be a moat, and we're inside the moat," said resident Ren Patterson.

Ren patterson says her yard quickly covers with water during bad weather. Now she's not taking any chances. Patterson packed the entry way to her home with sandbags for protection.

" You step and it's just water saturated," said Patterson. "The yards almost saturated though there. Just a little bit more rain is going to saturate the whole yard. "

"You can't see ditches or the roads," said resident Greg Sumarll. "Sometimes people run into the ditch across the street, because they can't see where they are going."

Greg Sumarll lives down the road he says he's prepared for the storm, but says there is very little he can do if the streets begin to fill up.

"Living here in South Louisiana you kind of learn to adapt to a lot of things," said Sumrall. "I don't have to break out a boat or anything."

Patterson said she disagrees.

"We're blocked everywhere, because we'll be blocked from there," said Patterson. "Then those back streets will be flooded so you can't get anywhere from round there Just pray somebody's boat gets lost and floats our way."

A spokesman for the Walker Police Department says if the road does flood, police are prepared to block off the area to make sure drivers don't roll up and push water into homes.

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