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Update: Tape realesed of Baton Rouge woman outraged by actions of probation officer

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POSTED: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 8:24pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 17, 2012 - 5:24pm

Update: City-Parish attorneys says a mom who claimed her son was kidnapped last October isn't telling the truth.

The mom, Caprice Bivens originally claimed her troubled 16 year old son was taken away by a probation officer but city-parish attorneys says an audio tape proves otherwise.

"I have a sixteen year old in here that i'm fitting to beat the hell out of that's on probation. (He ain't violent is he?} Oh, he's violent, but I'm about to be violent. That's why I'm saying come get him, come and get him, let his probation officer deal with him"


Caprice Bivens' son Jazzspere was 16 when he finished his probation back in October of 2010, after being convicted on simple burglary charges. Once he was done with probation, Jazzspere ran away from home. After that Bivens says her son's former probation officer, Edward Williams, forced him into a group home without a court order.

"This man removed my child from my home, not telling me exactly where he was taking him," says Bivens.

Mrs. Bivens then claims Mr. Williams then brought her son here to Youth Oasis group home, where he spent the next five months and he did that without her knowledge or her permission.

"Mr. Williams did a lot of bullying. He came to my house every other day bullying for clothes, bullying for birth certificates, bullying for social security cards," says Bivens.

Bivens says she tried to get her son out of Youth Oasis, but officials wouldn't let her.

"Oasis took the child into the group home, did not contact me, did not inform me of anything," says Bivens.

After five months she finally got her day in Juvenile Court. It's there that she claims she found out her son's former probation officer was commiting other illegal activities.

"He filed documents into the court on December 22 saying that my son was back in his house doing fine. My son was never back in his house. He was at Oasis on December 22 when Mr. Williams filed those documents," says Bivens.

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