Update: Former Hostess employees fate looks grim after mediation

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POSTED: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 7:45pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 12:18pm

UPDATE: CNN reports that  Hostess Brands announced that mediation with union was unsuccessful.

ORIGINAL: Former Hostess employees are holding on to hope that their beloved company could one day reopen its doors. That's after the company announced it will meet with striking union works to see if there is a way to salvage the business.

A US Bankruptcy court judge postponed the company's plan to ask the court for its permission to sell its assets and go out of business.

More than 18-thousand hostess employees across the country lost their job Friday.

"It's devastating, really, when you have to come home and tell your wife 'I lost my job today' and here it is holiday time," said former Hostess employee Robert Roppolo.

Robert Roppolo is out of the job. He spent the past 17 years as route salesmen for Hostess.

"When you get to this age of 50 plus and you get thrown out into the job market, it's scary," said Roppolo. "You hadn't been out there in a long time. You see a lot of companies want college people, young people."

He's tried looking for new jobs, but the pain of leaving Hostess is too fresh.

He says he hopes a miracle will allow the baking good company to reopen its doors so he can once again put on his uniform.

"It's like part of your body," said Roppolo. "It's a routine everyday. You jump up, throw your shirt on, throw your pants on, throw your cap on, and you know where you're going."

Roppolo learned about the mediation proceedings on Monday. He says the company's been in trouble for a while and he's worried the damage is done. He wants to be an employee, but financially he can't afford to stop being cautious.

"It's just like anything else, when you get attached to something, it's something to look forward to and it hurts," said Roppolo.

Hostess could go back to bankruptcy court Wednesday according to the company's website.

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