Together Baton Rouge Officials meet to save CATS

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POSTED: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 6:15pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 6:19pm

Do you see this Traffic? This is what you have to drive in every day in Baton Rouge.

"We have a very gridlocked interstate system in terms of just trying to navigate through the city, using our interstate system," said State Representative, Regina Barrow.

Representative Barrow says some voters have told her, they'd prefer traffic, to taxes.

"The only opposition I've gotten has just been against a tax, the everyday citizen needs to understand that they're impacted by what happens here, when we have more people riding the bus, there will be less people on the highway," said Barrow.

But those in favor of a new transit system met today to discuss two changes in how the cats board is structured.

"The CATS system now, has a board, but that board does not have full control, any and everything that that board does, is subject to the approval of the Metro Council," said Together Baton Rouge Transit Action Team Co-Chair, Edgar Cage.

Two bills that will change the system go before the house in the next few weeks: House Bill 629, and 865 .

"Under the new governance there will be a nine person cats board, one person appointed by the Mayor-President, one person appointed by the Metro Council, and one person appointed by each other city that approves this proposition," said Cage.

Leroy Hollis backs the bills.

He says - he has employees that can't afford cars to get around.

"A kid may not be able to go to the doctor because he doesn't have a bus system that goes to his office, a mother may not be able to get to a job to better support her family," said Hollis.

State Representative Regina Barrow says better public transit benefits everyone in the long run.

"I believe most people don't mind investing in that cause to see a better out come."

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