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Theft of 600 lb. marble Jesus statue baffles owner

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 7:41pm

Weighing in at over 600 pounds and standing just over four feet tall a unique Italian marble statue of Jesus Christ has been a fixture outside of the Roselawn Memorial Company's building since 1950. That is until someone stole it, a crime that still baffles owner Shelly Roy.

"I was just really kind of shocked. I mean it had been here a very long time. It was here when I acquired the business. According to the family that I purchased the business from it had been here since the early '50's," Roy explained.

Roy said he's not sure he'll ever see his monument again, but he tells NBC33 if he does get the statute back he’ll definitely be securing it a lot better this time and not just depending on the statue's 600 pounds of weight to deter thieves.

"We never really gave any consideration to secure it any better than it is, because we really never thought anybody would take it. I mean it takes some equipment to move it around," Roy added.

For now Roy says the Christ statue caper is still unsolved, but he's got a warning for the thieves. With such a unique piece they'll be sure to know it's theirs if they see it around town.

"I can not imagine why they got it, you know unless they had a market for it, or they just wanted it in their garden at home or something. I just don't know. It’s a pretty unique piece. If it ever shows up in a cemetery around here, we'll recognize it,” Roy said.

Baton Rouge Police are still investigating this crime, and they’re asking for you to call Crime Stoppers if you saw anything this weekend at 344-STOP.

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