The 'power of prayer' helped medical staff handle victims of plant explosion

Photo by St. Elizabeth Hospital Staff
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POSTED: Friday, June 14, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 6:38am

St. Elizabeth Hospital quickly prepared itself for the large amount of people expected to come through their ER on Thursday. Besides setting everything in the hospital, doctors and nurses used the power of prayer to mentally prepare themselves for what was ahead.

"This was really just another one of those moments where we sort of had to pull it together," said ER Doctor, Chris Trevino.

That was the moment Dr. Trevino was called into the St. Elizabeth Hospital ER after word spread about the deadly explosion only miles away. What he walked into was unlike any other emergency room.

“It’s a place and time for each other to say a prayer and sort of prepare ourselves not just mentally and physically but spiritually for things that might turn out to be pretty difficult."

One picture was taken from the third floor of a prayer circle. It captured what the emergency room looked like before it erupted into chaos.

Nurse Jennifer Sing used that time from the moment in the circle to help her do what she needed to do.

“It was time to come together and get our mind set and our heart set for what the community needed from us,” she said.

Sing says faith helped her power through a day she never expected to have.

"My job was getting them off the bus and there was such fear in their eyes and just trust that they were here and they knew we could meet their needs," said Sing.

The 45 victims from the explosion were looking for physical help, but the whole staff hopes they walked away with much more. Of those, only one person was admitted.

"I would hope that our spirit to them was a reflection in what we saw in them as well," noted Sing.

St. Elizabeth Hospital reports that a new patient walked in on Friday to be treated.


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Why does God not just prevent such tragedies so that we don't have to "pray" to him after its too late? If prayer was really what was needed then why even take the victims to the hospital in the first place? So perplexed by people and their reliance on praying when it obviously is ineffective and wasted energy.

First, We are sinful in nature and have fallen away from The Lord. We allowed satan into our world. God does not prevent tragedies, nor does he cause them. He helps us through them and promises a better place for eternity after our brief time on earth. Second, if the prayer does nothing more than calm a person, particularly medical professionals about to face unknown tragedy, then how can it be wasted energy? Would it be wasted energy if the just took deep breaths together?

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