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Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 8:14pm

 From dry cleaners to restaurants businesses are back open,and owners say they expect big crowds. They're hoping customers trying to get over cabin fever will help make them make up the money they lost during the ice storm.

Peerless Cleaners owner Sheldon Poche opened up shop Thursday for the first time since Monday.

"You know after two days sitting around the house with you know the dog," Poche said. "It's time to get back to work."

His customers were ready and waiting with loads of clothes.

"The people that missed us Tuesday and Wednesday they're coming in today," Poche described.
"You can see by the size of the bags coming in people missed two days."

Lisa Clark picked up her dry cleaning Thursday. She said she is glad to go back to her routines.

"Happy to be out and about instead of cooped up in the house. I literality cleaned out my refrigerator," Clark said. "Good to get back to life."

Over at Uncle O's, owner, Ouncy Borne hoped to see a lot of hungry customers.

"I'm looking forward to everybody coming out again," Borne said.

HE opened up late Wednesday night, but only a few people came out.

Thursday he said was a different story. He said lots of customers came in craving a classic dish.

"The first few orders we had one had five orders of chicken and two or three," Borne. "So, I can see the fried chicken people are coming in today."

Some customers said after the ice storm they needed two things: fresh air and some flavor. That's why Taylor Mayer said she went out to eat.

" I don't know I just wanted a change of just eating sandwiches at home.. I wanted some good gumbo and it's warm and filling," Mayer said.

Both Borne and Poche say the snow days affected their bottom lines, but they say they're not worried.

"You know I think for us I think we will catch it up. I don't think it's going to affect us.People realize it's an act of God. There is nothing we can do about it. Our customers will hold their clothes, and they'll have to bring them some where," Poche said. "Hopefully, they'll bring them back to us."

"You know like I said it all evens out. You know we'll probably have a great weekend God willing," Borne said.

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