Subscribe To Art makes collecting art easy & affordable

Subscribe To Art makes collecting art easy & affordable
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POSTED: Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 12:15pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 12:19pm

Two women are making art collecting easy and affordable. Their business is now up and running in the Crescent City linking local artists to buyers. Vanessa Bolano shows us how to get in on the action!

Artist Anastasia Pelias is used to selling massive paintings for thousands of dollars, but her latest project with The Drop has her scaling back.

"I'm happy to get it out there. I mean, I want everybody to have my work," says Pelias.

The Drop is an art subscription service. It's the brainchild of Amanda Brinkman and Cameron Shaw. The two ladies love New Orleans and want people to support local artists without breaking the bank.

"We wanted to make art collecting something that was fun, accessible, and most importantly affordable," says Shaw.

"When it comes to music and food in New Orleans, there are really easy ways to support, but there isn't an easy way to support local artists," says Brinkman.

The Drop makes art collecting easy if you don't mind surprises because you'll never know what you're getting. All you'll know is the artists that they are working with and that the work fits in their box. Art pieces arrive at your doorstep or are available for pickup every other month.

"We work with artists that maybe you've never heard of before to artists that might be a common name in your household, and they're all the same price," says Brinkman, "You can subscribe at three different levels. So what we can subscription number one you get one artwork for $80. Subscription number two you get two artworks for $150 and subscription number three you get all three artworks for $200. The only way you can really get all the artists or the artists you have a particular eye on if you get box three which includes all the artists."

As long as it fits into the box the artists have free reign over what they make. Past drops include photography and a hologram.

"It was important for us that at the end of the year you could get a cross section of 18 artists that would show you all the exciting things that are happening in art in New Orleans," says Shaw, "Everyone has something on their wall, and wouldn't it be great to have something made by an artist in your community, in your home?"

The Drop launched in August. You can commit to a one month, six month, or yearlong subscription. The artwork is yours to keep.

Every other month the women arrange an event where you can pick up your box, or they'll ship them to you. Their next event is on Thursday at St. Vincent's Guest House at 1507 Magazine Street from 6pm- 8pm.

You can pick-up your art or signup at the event.

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