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SU students still in shock over school teams ban from play

SU students still in shock over school teams ban from play
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Friday, February 14, 2014 - 5:46pm

Southern University students are still reeling after news that their players and teams were all deemed ineligible until further notice.

"It’s unbelievable. I really don't understand," marveled Henry Emanuel, a Southern University fan.

SU students are now left trying to absorb the news that their sports teams are ineligible for NCAA play.

"That gives our students fewer events to have entertainment in and I just, I don't really don't know how to react to that," said Perez Pickney, another student.

It's a big blow after a promising start to the basketball season and a successful football season.

"We just won the bayou classic last year, SWAC championship, NCAA appearance, and won the SWAC championship with the basketball team too, so they represent us in a pretty significant manner," said Emanuel.

“We just had an amazing football season then basketball was taking over so for them to just take it away is just a little upsetting,” added student Brion Teapo.

Though Jags fans are shocked by this latest revelation of ineligibility, their one plea to the administration is to please get it together and fix whatever went wrong.

“All of our teams, there is so much potential and how are we going to, if the sports are ineligible, how are they going to portray that, on the courts on the field? It’s just not going to happen if they can't play because of glitches in paper work," said Corinne Vaughn, another student at Southern.

"Hopefully this situation gets resolved really quickly, because it's still basketball season and I love going to the basketball games," added Pickney.

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