Stringer Bridge Road residents want gaurd rails

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POSTED: Sunday, February 24, 2013 - 9:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, February 25, 2013 - 12:55pm

People living off Stringer Bridge Road in St. Amant say not enough is been done to protect drivers. The street curves and can be very dangerous.

Last year two little girls died when their mother lost control of her car and went into the bayou.

"We've had 8 vehicles go in the bayou since we've lived here," Carol Frederic, who lives off Stringer Bridge, said."We have have heard them go in and run out here but it's too late. You might see the roof, and then it sinks. "

It's a curving stretch of road where Faith Castilaw and Patience Labell died when their mom's car crash into Black Bayou last February. The state stepped in adding warning signs to tell people of the dangers ahead.

"Well I haven't noticed any change in the way that the people are driving on the road, but there some new signs out on the road that have been put out there," Frederic explained.

She wants to see guard rails go up along the bayou: "Perhaps catch cars before they actually go in the water. Maybe it would just be something physically that you could see that would warn you that it is dangerous and that you need to be aware."

She said drivers tend to speed on the road, and if a driver is distraction it can be a deadly combination. She warns drivers to use extra caution coming around the curves.

"Well I would hope that it would stop, but you don't know. I mean. You don't know who is coming down the road and how fast they are going. What they are thinking, and what they are doing," Frederic said.

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