Sorrento residents are fed up with drama surrounding police department and town

Sorrento residents are fed up with drama surrounding police department and town
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POSTED: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 6:34pm

The Sorrento Police Department is running out of time. Their insurance will be dropped as of midnight Tuesday which means a decision needs to be made at their meeting. They have one insurance offer on the table but it would cost them almost double what they pay now.

They can take the offer or use the Ascension Sheriff’s Office to patrol the area until the end of the year, which would cost a little more than 37,000 dollars.

Local residents tell me they need to work together and make a decision, fast.

“It’s just a terrible mess,” said Sorrento local, Bill Lambert.

Lambert’s lived in Sorrento five decades and has seen it all. He tells me he’s fed up with the drama.

"Everyone is laughing,” said Lambert. “It’s a joke what's going on politically."

The Sorrento Police Department is desperate for insurance coverage. Without it they will cease to exist. It's a situation Lambert says they were bound to face.

“if everything would be going like its supposed to we wouldn't have that problem.”

Lambert says the sheriff moving in some deputies is a good idea.

“It would give Earl a chance to reorganize the problems and give him a chance to find some people."

If they take the only insurance offer, it would cost them almost double what they currently pay.

“This town is in bad shape financially,” noted Lambert.

Other locals tell me it’s their mess and now they have to pay the price.

“The council needs to resolve it. If they got a quote on the insurance they need to go ahead and pay it. Why would you pay the parish for a month an a half?"

It’s not just the locals who see a need for change, councilmember Randy Anny agrees.

“We have to make changes," said Councilman Randy Anny.

So now locals are just waiting to see the fate of the police department and whose hands their safety will ultimately be in.

"It's a bad situation but it’s created by them," said Lambert.

The town meeting begins at 6:00 Tuesday. NBC33 will be there and share any new information that becomes available.

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