Shoppers hit the store for supplies ahead of cold weather

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Monday, January 27, 2014 - 6:23pm

People across the Baton Rouge Metro area spent the day getting ready and purchasing supplies before the cold weather hits. Hardware stores and groceries saw big crowds. While shoppers tell NBC33 they're not too worried about the weather; they said they're preparing just in case.

"I run out of insulation material pipe insulation," Andy Gascon, shopper, said. "I got some extra in case some body else needs it, and repair a little bit at the house. "

Gascon went to the hardware store in Central on Monday to get everything he needs to protect his pipes.He wanted to make sure he's ready for the latest round of winter weather expected to hit the area..

"That's typical Louisiana. You never know what it's going to do here," Gascon said.

He wasn't the only one shopping for winter proofing supplies. Lance Butler owns Sullivan's Hardware in Central. He says lots of people are buying pipe insulation, faucet covers and more.

"I'm almost out of all the electric heaters, the propane heaters, and a lot of propane," Butler said.
"It's just about like it would if it was before a hurricane coming."

Meanwhile in Baton Rouge, people stopped by the grocery stores to make sure they had food... before the bad weather hits.

"Tomorrow the street is going to be in bad shape. We don't want to go out and risk an accident," Paul Vincent, grocery shopper, said.

"I want to make sure that I have everything," Wanda Hatcher, grocery shopper said, "Tis the season. We are having a good winter this year."

Some shoppers stocked up on canned goods and ingredients for food that'll warm to the soul in the cool temperatures.

"We're going to cook soup and we are going to have chili. That is going to take us through the cold spell," Vincent stated.

Other shoppers say they're going to try and make the best of it and pamper themselves.

"Meat... steak and potatoes just to treat ourselves while we are shut in," Hatcher said.

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