Ruffino's Restaurant hosts 'Sclafani Smackdown' cook-off and class

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POSTED: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 11:33pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 10:09am

"I don't have to think about who the best chef is, I know I'm going to win," said Ruffino's Restaurant owner, Peter Sclafani III. His brother and corporate chef, Gino Sclafani, rebuttled with laughter, "oh, of course. Me!" On the other hand, their father, Peter Sclafani, Jr., thinks his sons are "the best chefs" out of the trio.

Combine three seasoned chefs with a little spice, sprinkle in a few guests, and you've got the recipe for a "Sclafani Smackdown." The Baton Rouge restaurant holds the cook-off and class once a year, but instead of fierce competition, the restaurant owner says its more of a family affair.

"We're third generation chefs...It would be a lot of fun for the three of us to come and cook together like we did when we were kids growing up."

The father and two-son team whipped up dishes from the 50's 80's and today, but not without sharing some family favorite secrets first.

"We always try to give something that the guests might not know. We give full recipes. We don't hold anything back," said corporate chef Gino. Ruffino's owner had a word of advice for beginners. "Season your food. Amateur cooks [are] always afraid to kind of over-salt."

And with the Lobster Thermidor, Turtle Soup, and made to order mozzerella, Guest, Dana Schlotterer had one word to say.

"Delicious," she chuckled. [It is] the crème de la crème of the cooking classes. This is my first one. We're very excited!"

Ruffino's holds cooking classes every month, and all participants got to carry home copies of all the recipes they tasted.

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