Roofing company accused by homeowners of scam gain 'F' from BBB

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POSTED: Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 27, 2013 - 9:16am

Several families in the area are claiming they have fallen victim to a company called Porter Roofing, after paying out thousands for roofing repairs they're realizing the workmanship is not what they thought they paid for.

“When it rains, pretty much water runs all the way down the wall. It’s like the wall is crying,” said Britney Buchanan, while describing the leak that’s sprung since having her roof repaired by Porter Roofing, "My husband looked in the yellow pages, he got three companies, and we decided to go with ms. Ora Porter’s company because it was the lowest bid. "

Buchanan said at first they were satisfied with their new roof. But with the first rain came the first of many problems, the roof was leaking. So the contractor came out to try and fix it, but with the next rain, the same problem.

"It rained again a couple weeks later, same problem, so we called her again. Again she said, 'ok we're going to come out and try and fix it again,'" explained Buchanan.

After having crews return three times to try and fix the leak they created, the Buchanans were told the water in their home was now their problem.

"We contacted her again, and this time she told my husband it's the way the house is built and there's nothing she can do about it," Buchanan continued.

A quick search of the better business bureau's website will reveal the contractor the Buchanan's used actually has an 'F' rating. Unfortunately for them, by the time they figured that out, it was a little too late.

“We've made two attempts to get background information on them, for instance, their experience, copies of their license. And the company has not responded to either of those requests,” said Jim Stalls of the Better Business Bureau.

A few days ago the Buchanans filed a claim against Porter Roofing, the only problem, finding a valid address for the business. Buchanan said, at this point, she's just ready for the ordeal to be over and done with.

"We need her to come and fix what she caused because you know it's ruining our house."

Repeated calls to the roofing company went unreturned today. For more information on how to protect yourself from this type of situation head to the Better Business Bureau for business ratings and tips by clicking here.

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