Residents of Baton Rouge reflect on where we've come as a nation since 9/11

Residents of Baton Rouge reflect on where we've come as a nation since 9/11
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POSTED: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 6:45pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 10:04am

Stop just about anyone on the streets of Baton Rouge Tuesday and mention 9/11, almost all will be able to tell you in vivid detail where they were that day 11 years ago. NBC33 spoke to several people, from vets, to those who were in elementary school at the time. People were more than willing to share just where they feel we as a nation have come since that day.

"It was just unexpected, the way it shook the country. I was what, 12 years old when it happened. I was scared," Eujames Hardin, a Baton Rouge resident, explained about his experience on 9/11 as a 7th grader at Istrouma Middle School.

"We were watching TV actually as the second plane hit," Mike Casey, a veteran added, "As far as changes, I really think it woke America up."

Some have said that day has changed their perspective on many things, especially the way they travel.

"It makes a lot of people second guess going in to places like that, or airports, or flying in planes. But it's one of those things, you can't live your life scared. We trust our government and we trust our soldiers to take care of us," Cory Adams, a resident of East Baton Rouge Parish, said.

Still others maintain the the experience was one that forced America to grow and change.

"We grew up as a nation, you know and we're stronger now. And both presidents have shown that we're not going to tolerate that," Ocar Burciaga, added when asked how far the nation has come since 9/11.


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