Residents in Port Allen discuss recall of Mayor Slaughter

Residents in Port Allen discuss recall of Mayor Slaughter
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Sunday, November 17, 2013 - 8:44pm

Jason Hammack lives in Port Allen. He supported the recall of Mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter. Now that a majority of voters have recalled the mayor he says the city has a chance to move forward.

"A weight has been lifted off the shoulders of the citizens Port Allen that they can get an administration into place that is going to be transparent," Hammack said.

Hammack says after months of controversy surrounding Mayor Slaughter’s actions in office; He wants to see city leaders help restore transparency at city hall.

“We just want to bring transparency back to our government so that way we know how our funds are being spent,” Hammack said.

Those who supported Mayor Slaughter said the loss of the recall election still stings.

"This is a slap in the face for all of us all Port Allen citizens," Michael Church, Slaughter supporter, said. "I love Mayor Slaughter. I will support her today, and I am going to encourage her to run again."

Michael Church opposed the recall. He said it will take a lot of work for people in Port Allen to come together.

“If we can't be on the same accord this city is not going anywhere, and I don't care who is in office,” Church said.

Port Allen City Council Member Hootie Riviere said the council will have to work together to help heal the city, and he’s confident the council can come together.

"The old saying time heals all wounds,” Riviere, said. “I think some time and just some good will show them that we do have the city's best interest at heart as the council. I think that will go a long way to solving a lot of the problems. "

Meg Casper, spokesperson for the Secretary of State, said Mayor Slaughter has until Monday November 25 at 4:30 p.m. to contest the election results. Casper said If Slaughter does not contest the results November 25 would be her last day in office.

NBC33 reached out to Mayor Slaughter for comment; she did not return our calls. 

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