Recount scheduled in Walker mayor's race

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POSTED: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 5:19pm

Voters in Walker still don't have official word on who will be their next mayor. Incumbent Democrat Mayor Bobby Font lost to challenger Republican Rick Ramsey by only 40 votes.

The Livingston Parish Registrar of Voters told NBC33 that means officials must open up the ballot boxes to check those numbers.

Ramsey earned 51 percent of the vote and he says he doesn't expect to see any change big changes in his numbers.

"I think it says that the majority feel like there needs to be a progressive change," said Ramsey. "Forty votes you know it's close it's tight so makes me realize I got a lot of work to do."

Some people living in Walker say with all the high tech equipment used for voting in this election the results should be accurate, and if so, Rick Ramsey should take office January 1. Other say the close vote is a big surprise for their quiet community.

Election officials must recount the votes to double check if Ramsey gets the job.
Recounting the vote is a rare situation for the city.

"Well it's kind of a surprise that he beat Bobby," said Dallas Johnson, who voted for Font. "The people always speak you know, when someone gets beat irregardless of who it is. We don't have much of that out here could be, but I wouldn't think so."

"I know Bobby had a lot of people in there working for him," said Ramsey supporter C. Lewis Jackson. "We had a tough job with Rick coming in there trying to battle the incumbent."

People living in Walker say the city is a small tight knit community and that's one reason why the mayors race was so close.

"Some people want to get involved, but a lot don't want to get involved," said Jackson. "It's us that like to see the change that are the ones out there trying to make a change."

Voters say they'll be surprised if the recount finds enough missing votes to turn the tide of this election.

"I don't see where they'll be any difference," said Jackson. "I think Rick is going to come out the winner, and I think it will be all over."

Election officials will open the ballot boxes to recount votes on Friday.

NBC33 made multiple attempts to reach incumbent Bobby Font. He did not respond.

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