Purple and gold loving robot pours brew for tailgate crew

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POSTED: Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 8:00pm

UPDATED: Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 2:00pm

Most tailgates have tent, some chairs, a grill, and ice box, but what about a robot built to serve you brew?

One LSU grad came up with a beerbot that's turning heads at his tailgate.

Barton Gilley and his tailgate crew grew tired of the traditional gameday accessories.

"Somebody joking through out the idea of what if we had R2D2 serving beer," said Gilley.

Gilley said he spent the next 3 months working on the initial creation that would become R2Dkeg.

It took over a year to complete the device made out of scraps of metal,old barbeque pits and other trinkets. The robot was an instant hit with Gilley's crew.

"It captivates the spirit," said Joey Harvey, member of Gilley's Mean Streak Tailgate crew. "It makes us come a live every time you see it and get a fresh beer from it."

Gilley says the machine can be a bit temperamental, but the little robot brought new life to the Mean Streak Tailgate.

"It's had it's ups and down, but it's had a good reaction from everybody," said Gilley.

"It has a few malfunctions occasionally, but for the most part it pours beer at a cool 38 degrees all the time," said Harvey.

R2Dkeg has a fan club all it's own. Tons of people stop by the tailgate just to take a picture of the beerbot.

"They'll be walking down the side walk and then just catch a glimpse of it and run over here," said Gilley. "they want to take pictures, so I decided to put a tip jar on it."

Football fans don't have to wear purple and gold to get a glass. The robot doesn't care about sec rivalries.

"We had South Carolina fans a couple of weeks ago, and Alabama fans checking it out so, it's been a lot of fun," said Harvey.

It's a little machine that took a lot of LSU spirit and time to build, but Gilley says it was all worth it.


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