Power slowly returns to the Baton Rouge area as other parishes remain in the dark

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POSTED: Monday, September 3, 2012 - 6:22pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 - 9:32am

As the lights come back on in the mid city neighborhood, those living in the area are starting to get their lives back to normal.

"It was difficult but it was bearable, I had friends to stay with and my boys had friends to stay with, so it was fine. Just everybody's patience runs short in these situations, but trying to get things back to normal now. I cleaned out my refrigerator once power went out so we're basically starting again from scratch," Paul Bradley, a resident there, explained.

Even those with generators to see them through the powerless days, are breathing a sigh of relief that they're back on the grid.

"A detector went off a few days after the generator was running. it's a natural gas generator, but it was blowing under the house and so it had seeped through the floor. We had to completely air out the house," Stacey Howell, a mother in the area, said.

Many homes though are without power still, Entergy crews have been working around the clock, but Isaac’s slow movement across the state made immediate restoration difficult.

"Isaac came in and basically lasted two days and prevented us from getting the buckets up in the air Thursday afternoon because we were still having strong wind gusts," Sheila Pounders, with Entergy, explained.

The Capital City area should see full power restoration by Tuesday, from there crews will head to some of the more flooded parishes that still count tens of thousands without power.

"The storm's not over for us. There’s a lot that still goes on after the storm with our crews and once we get everything up in the Baton Rouge area our crews will be going to help the other areas also," Pounders added.

Pounders said some of the more flooded parishes have proved close to impossible to restore power to at this time because of the difficulty crews have had in getting to the downed lines.

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