Port Allen residents speak out about lack of public transportation

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POSTED: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 6:42pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 12:20pm

Day in and day out, Baton Rouge residents complain about the bus system but what if there wasn't one at all? Port Allen residents haven't had a bus system in years and are now speaking out about their concerns. Those without cars have no way to get into East Baton Rouge, and say something needs to change. Residents say enough is enough.

"Jobs we need jobs when we trying to get hired we trying to go look for it," says Marquesha Ruffin. Marquesha is looking for a job, but without a car, she is limited to where she can seek work. "It's frustrating to walk miles away," said Marquesha.

And Marquesha is not the only Port Allen resident who relies on their feet to get around. I walk more than I used to I mean without a car I really don't have a choice," says Christina Burns. These two young girls say enough is enough; there is a huge need for a bus system.

"It's really is frustrating because we really need buses around here I see people walking around here all the time and a lot of people nowadays don't have cars and it would make it a lot easier if we had busses around here."

Other residents like Nicole see more problems, besides the lack of public transportation.

"There are no crosswalks or anything that's taking a risk." And for those who don't have transportation, walk along the many roads in Port Allen that don't even have sidewalks," said Nicole Perrilloux, “I mean walking during the day that's usually fine but at night a lot of times you never now what going on so its a just a chance you have to take."

And Christina says every time she leaves the house, she wishes there was a safer way. "People in Louisiana tend to drive kind of fast, I don't feel safe walking on the roads to be perfectly honest,” noted Christina.

But until something is done to help them get off their feet, Port Allen residents will have to keep on walking.

NBC33 tried contacting the port Allen Mayors Office, but no one was there to answer questions about a possible bus system in the future. Port Allen residents want to tell those in East Baton Rouge to appreciate the fact that they even have a bus system.

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