Port Allen residents excited about upcoming changes to Police Department

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POSTED: Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 7:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 7:55pm

Police Chief Esdron Brown said he has a “list” of ways to improve the department and he presented those at a City Council meeting. The improvements include new equipment, raises and even more fitness tests for the officers.

"Anytime a change comes people don't like it but it good thing," said Port Allen resident, Frank Foggen.

It's a good thing for Port Allen because a lot of changes might be right around the corner for their police department, that many people, including Frank Foggen, say the area really needs.

“More police, less people doing crime in the area if they see them so that's a good thing,” said Foggen.

Police Chief Esdron Brown is introducing numerous changes to the structure of the department, starting with a two percent raise for all officers.

"Yes, I think they deserve it because that's one job I would not want cause dealing with people every day, no thank you," added Foggen.

"As far as pay raises go I think that the police dept is deserving of equal pay," says Rebecca LeBlanc, another Port Allen resident.

Chief Brown says he wanted to have a greater presence of officers in the schools even after the recent Newtown Connecticut shooting.

"A lot of TV is about violence and they don't know any better. Some don't. Some do and I think it’s a good idea," says resident, James Hector.

Also on the list is a plan to introduce more aggressive drug enforcement.

"Everyone has a problem with drug related crime in our area and I really think we should enforce that," stated LeBlanc. "I never did drugs, never did like them, and if they can get more of them off the streets even better a better job than anyone could do," noted Foggen.

And residents say they have faith in Chief Brown because with a list like this, things are bound to turn around.

Chief Brown also wants to place new computers in all the cars to increase street presence, reestablish neighborhood watch programs and give all officers annual fitness tests to make sure everyone is healthy.

All of these changes won't be implemented until they are approved by City Council.

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