Port Allen Mayor and city council square off at meeting

Port Allen Mayor and city council square off at meeting
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POSTED: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 11:04pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 12:44pm

Angry residents and allegations of racism filled the Port Allen City Council meeting Wednesday night. Mayor Deedy Slaughter and the city council both want someone to investigate what's been going on at city hall. The crowd over flowed into the hallway, because so many people wanted to make sure their voices were heard.

"There are things that we can all agree on no matter of the color of your skin. We can all agree we have grown weary of this drama here at city hall," Ray Stumbo, Port Allen resident said. "That you will forgive us if we are all a little skeptical of all of you right now, but the question remains where is the truth in all this."

The crowd was divided on what to do to help move the city forward. Police ended up removing several meeting goers.

"Ya'll getting together you three white people," William Nelson, Slaughter supporter, said. "People are getting together to try and put her in office in a certain political seat, because you are racist. "

The city council passed a resolution requesting the district attorney and West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office launch and investigation into Mayor Slaughters first few months in office.

"Specifically increasing the mayor's salary without city council approval. Hiring a person to fill an unauthorized position allowing the said individual unrestricted access to private and confidential customer and employee information," Hugh Riviere, Port Allen City Council Member, explained.

The mayor told the council she's already contacted the state's attorney general's office to do the same thing.

"We could sit down work through it myself the council with all the legal documentation that I have on all of these issues, but you said no you'd prefer to do it this way," Slaughter told Riviere.

Audience members spoke out saying if the current mayor is investigated it would be unfair. They suggested that previous mayors also be looked into.

"It seems like it's a personal agenda. It seems like it's a personal agenda to make the mayor not succeed before she given a chance," Kisha Joseph, Port Allen resident, said.

Riviere told the audience that he wants to make sure an objective third party looks into what's been going on. He says the investigation will help clear up any misinformation so leaders will be able to go forward working together knowing what's really going on.

"If the investigation if no wrong doing is found I guarantee you the media is gone. They are looking for a train wreck. We're the train wreck," said Riviere.

Mayor Slaughter ended the meeting by announcing she had contacted the US Attorney General's office to investigate her difficult relationship with the city council members.

Attached is a copy of the letter she sent to the US Attorney General.

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