Port Allen community reacts to auditors report

Port Allen community reacts to auditors report
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POSTED: Monday, June 24, 2013 - 6:54pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 1, 2013 - 10:03am

People living and working in Port Allen spent Monday morning carefully reading a report by the Louisiana legislative auditor's office. Auditors found potential misuse of tax payers dollars, but the Mayor Deedy Slaughter responded that's not the case. Now residents are left to decide for themselves what to believe.

"I know that she [Mayor Slaughter] has a decent heart, and she is a decent individual," Michael Church, Port Allen Resident, stated.

"It [the audit] provided reassurance to them [members of the recall committee]  that they are on the right side of the law," Jason Hammack, Port Allen business owner, said.

It's the latest in a series of controversies to hit the city in recent years. Lately they say the city has been divided between Mayor Deedy Slaughter supporters and those who wish to remove her from office. They want to see something happen before it's too late.They said the city's been going down the wrong road for too long, and this report proves someone needs to make a change. They just can't agree on what that change should be.

Church said, "If it was something that was done with compassion it wouldn't be so bad but this is just down right out attack. "

He says the report showed the mayor did make mistakes.

"If I had seen just down right out fraud or just deliberate I would say it, but I think this was done just by being an inexperienced mayor," Church explained.

Church wants the community to give the mayor a second chance: "let this woman serve the rest of her term. That is what I would like."

Jason Hammack believes it's too late for the mayor to apologize.

"I could accept that excuse if she would have come out initially and said I'm sorry I did that incorrectly. she didn't," Hammack stated.

Hammack wants to see someone new fill Slaughters seat.

He stated, "Resign, because she has flat out divided this town. Her actions have divided this town. No body else."

He says the city can not move forward if the fighting continues.

Church says the people in Port Allen will have to come together to get the city back on the right track.

"Get it out of the media lets go up there put our elbows together put our hearts together. We can accomplish what we need to accomplish," Church said.

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The first thing that is neede is to be honest and come out and admit mistakes on both sides of the coin and stop hidding behind paperwork, that is why a council and a mayor is needed to divide the control and not have one or the other be the main deciding factor in any matter of the cities best intrest and that is not present in either one of the two at the time and the mayor wants to be in complet control which is not in the best intrest of the town or the people with her budget decisions.

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