Plaquemine officer is extreme asset to department: helps in local roundups

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POSTED: Friday, January 10, 2014 - 5:50pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 11:48am

Dozens of people are behind bars,  after a warrant roundup in Iberville Parish. Plaquemine Police Department headed the effort alongside the Brusly Police Department.

Warrant roundups would not be as successful without a hardworking team, officers with experience, or officers who simply know what's going on around them.

Officer Justin Bush is only 26, but by the way he conducts business around town you could assume he's a seasoned officer.

“A lot of people in the community come to me when things are going on because they feel more comfortable talking to me,” said Officer Bush.

People come to Bush because he was born and raised in Plaquemines city limits and he knows what makes his community churn.

“It kind of helps us be ahead of the game with everything."

By knowing almost everyone, his job is that much easier.

“Because they already know me and they know they will have to see me again outside of my uniform,” noted Bush. “I still live in the community."

So arrests are not a struggle, communication isn't a give and take, and he is able to help his community simply by lending a hand and opening his ears.

“Especially if they see me off duty they will stop me and ask me about something that’s going on and they will tell me about something that’s going on. They will tell me about something going on to inform me about a situation that might be happening or something and I just report back to my office and let them know."

By living and working in his stomping grounds, he has seen the community evolve around him, which he says will only help develop trust with the police department.

“So I know the difference with how the crime is now.”

After a roundup in Iberville Parish on Friday, its clear Bush is using his past to his advantage to progress at work and in life.

Bush started his career right after Hurricane Gustav. He volunteered with the police department to help for a week while he was working at Wal-mart. After that, the rest is history.

Here is a list of some of the warrants that were issued Friday morning.

. Cadesya Hammond
- Simple Assault
2. Brenda Hollins
- (Bench Warrant) Failure to appear/Driving Under Suspension
3. Alvin Battiste
- Improper Supervision of a Minor
- Domestic Abuse Battery
4. Patrick Cole
- Theft by shoplifting
- Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
5. Cynthia Brooks
- Simple Battery
6. Roderick Provo
- Simple Battery
7. Quinton Perry
- Failure to Return Leased Moveables
8. Katrena Lanieu
- Aggravated Assault
9. Cynthia Jackson
- Simple Battery
10. Darnell Lowery
- Misdemeanor Theft
11. Jamecia Godchaux
- Failure to Return Leased Moveables
12. Kissy Mosby
- Improper Telephone Communications
13. Erica Jenkins
- Misdemeanor Theft
14. Clifford Kelly
- Failure to Return Leased Moveables
15. Henry Million
- Second Degree Battery
16. Lahoma Joseph
- Felony Theft
17. Nornanika Jackson
- Misdemeanor Theft
18. Renata Green
- Aggravated Battery
19. Anissa Johnson
- Aggravated Battery
20. Melissa Jenkins
- Monetary Instrument Abuse
- Failure to Return Leased Moveables

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