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People concerned about littering in lakes at LSU

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POSTED: Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 7:26pm

A picture on Facebook is alarming residents about how LSU students are treating their surroundings. Some say the students and people in the area are using LSU Lakes as a trash can.

"I don't go to LSU. I am trying to transfer here and I take pride coming out here and it’s not good to look at all," says local resident, Austin Redman.

Austin Redman says enough of the littering. Trash collects day in and out on the lakes at LSU, and it's not pretty.

"The rain and high water flushed it all away, and what I normally see down there is Canes' boxes, beer cans, like every kind of trash you see," notes Redman.

One picture on Facebook sparked some interest from local residents, causing them to worry that students are not respecting the beauty of the lakes.

"Hopefully they are not trashing intentionally and if they had the opportunity and it was brought to their attention or if there was more trash receptacles placed around the area I think that could help," says local resident, Lauren Chambers.

There is only so much the University facilities staff can do to keep it clean. They have booms in place to help prevent the trash already in the lake from spreading down the stream, but if people were more conscious of where they were placing their trash, the booms would not be needed at all.

People like Lauren live by the lakes just to enjoy the beauty of these bodies of water. So when they are used as trash cans, she says there is no excuse.

"Intentional littering especially in the lake here is a big deal, especially here in Baton Rouge because we love our lakes," noted Chambers.

Until people stop littering, the beauty of the lakes isn’t the only thing you'll see. The issue is far beyond anything the facilities staff can handle at this point, and now it's up to the students and people in the area to make a conscious effort to stop littering.

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