One minute changed a promising young life forever

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POSTED: Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 7:08pm

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (NBC33) -- Tonight a young, Denham Springs woman is opening up about her life now after surviving a stroke. "I’m a 33 year old stuck in a 90 year old body," Allye Dyer said about her condition. Allye never saw it coming.
"I worked out...very lean...I had no risk factors." And a choice to move to Nashville for her now-husband just seemed perfect.
"Doing my teaching loved by job - never been happier in life." That all changed five years ago when Allye suffered a stroke in her classroom. It left her paralyzed and the attack on her brain brought on even more complications. "There have been a lot of bad days. More so than good ones. Not talking about the pain – I’m talking about mentally and emotionally." Alley's husband, Shannon, proposed to alley in the hospital bed. After - he waved "goodbye" to Nashville, as well as his dream of becoming a country music star. All for Allye, to make sure she didn't miss out on anything. "I’ve always said I wanted to hang glide - my husband made that possible for me and it was the most spiritual thing I’ve ever experienced." But there is one last wish that may even top that. Alley wants to meet the lead singer of Aerosmith, Stephen Tyler, when she goes to their show in Houston. 'I’ve got to see and meet Stephen Tyler!"
But even that will be a struggle. Big, rowdy crowds are not an ideal place for someone who can't walk on their own. It's the independence that Alley wishes she still had. "I miss out on all the big things," Allye said with tears streaming from her eyes.
Although life will never be the same, Allye does still count her blessings.

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