Ohio survival story gives Brusly High teachers glimmer of hope

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POSTED: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 6:52pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 1:56pm

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were all rescued. The three women who went missing for a decade were found alive in a Cleveland home. The story is one that's brining hope to those in Brusly.

Sylviane Lozada, a French and Spanish teacher at Brusly High, went missing back in July of 2011 and she still has not been found.

She lost contact with her family in Venezuela almost two years ago.

But one of her closest friends and co-workers said the miracle story about three missing women from Ohio gave her hope that Sylviane could still being alive and out there, somewhere.

"With hope so much can be accomplished," said Karen Wooley, a friend of Lozadas.

That's what Karen Wooley believes and now she knows that 'hope' is one of the only things left keeping her best friend alive.

"Just because of what happened it always brings hope into the picture that maybe she's somewhere out there," noted Wooley.

Wooley knows missing person stories usually don't have a happy ending. But when miracles like the one in Ohio take center stage, it gives hope a new meaning.

"They are giving hope to a lot of families. I wish them the best and maybe through this happening, anyone else who maybe hearing about this story may get the courage to break free," said Wooley.

Even those who were not as close with her use the garden dedicated to her a year after her disappearance and now this story of survival, to help believe in what some have already given up on.

"Even through we don't know where she is we always do know there is a chance she could return and when she does, look what she will see - the beautiful garden just for her," said garden caretaker, Gale Jones.

People in Brusly are not the only ones with a glimmer of hope today.

"Oh yes, it brings hope to a lot of parents who maybe lost kids or disappeared. Anyone whose been missing, even the teacher in New Orleans," state Wooly.

Wooley knows even two years later, Slyviane still lives, whether it's here on Earth, or in the garden that continues to bloom, at Brusly High School.

Sylviane's husband and daughter fled to Venezuela shortly after she disappeared.


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