Neighbors go back to normal after debris pick up begins

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POSTED: Monday, September 10, 2012 - 6:55pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 10, 2012 - 7:08pm

Clean up crews are on the move in Ascension Parish and working from the outer edge of the parish in Prairieville and going farther inward everyday. It's a slow process, but for those whose lawns were covered in limbs it's a welcome sight.

Branches, limbs and leaves no longer litter lawns in this Prairieville neighborhood. Ascension parish resident Lane Luttrell says he's lucky to be in the first round of debris pick up in the parish.

"Pretty good," said Luttrell. "I didn't even know it. My neighbor just told me the debris was gone. I guess I was napping when they came. We had a few large limbs, a lot of small limbs, leaves throughout the whole yard. We had a big limb of the trees up front."

Ascension parish officials say contracted clean up crews will go through the entire parish picking up the trash. In a statement parish leaders say: Ascension Parish will be divided into five zones that include all of the unincorporated areas of the east bank, the City of Donaldsonville, the west bank and the Town of Sorrento.

Leaders estimate it could take about a month to clean up the entire parish, but they say make sure to set up and separate piles of debris before crews get to your neighborhood.

Homeowners should divide bags of loose leaves and piles of limbs.

Also, put debris next to the curb to allow crews easy access. Debris must be no more than 10 feet from the street, otherwise crews will not be able to pick it up.

"Isaac didn't do really much to us just debris that's not damaging, but you got to pick it up," said Luttrell.

Luttrell says he's glad the worst of the clean up is over, and his neighborhood can go back to normal.

"They came by this morning and picked it up," said Luttrell. "Hauled it off."

The parish has set up a public drop off point for debris at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales. You can bring limbs and other bits of broken trees down to the site; however, contractors are not allowed there.

According to parish officials, clean up efforts will be in part covered by FEMA. The cost of debris pick up will be calculated once the job is complete.

To find out where clean up crews will go next click here.

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