More than a thousand tigers attend LSU's annual Fall Fest

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POSTED: Friday, October 11, 2013 - 7:13pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 11, 2013 - 7:16pm

Performers, good food, and lots of activities doesn't quite equal an average school day at LSU.

"Fall Fest is an official welcome for all of us.  [It allows the] community, staff, students, faculty to come together and get excited about being an LSU tiger, as well as get ready for the football game on Saturday," said associate vice chancellor and dean of students, K.C. White.

Spirit squads, step teams, and bands helped kick off the festival. With exams right around the corner, students weren't tardy for this party. Freshman, E.J. Mesadieu says it's all about having "a little fun." "It's a break between classes, midterms are coming up and it shows that people care," he added.

Staff  and university partners worked well over a year to accommodate more than 1,000 tigers and friends, but for senior, Jessica Martin, this Fall Fest will be her last. "It's sad, i'm definitely going to come out here the whole time just to soak it all up," she said.  "Its kind of bittersweet, but i'll definitely miss it out here."

On the other hand, some say that being a tiger doesn't have to stop at graduation. 

According to White, "when you're an LSU  tiger, you're a tiger for life."

Martin says it is because "we're just so full of sprit, and everyone just comes so alive. There's nothing like it." 

$5,500 was donated to the LSU general scholarship fund. Organizers also pushed LSU's "Green Tiger" project by serving food on all recyclable items.

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