Moms protest Target store over breast-feeding concerns

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POSTED: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 4:41pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 30, 2011 - 9:41am

Some Baton Rouge area mom's say they're upset with Target stores. Today, they protested at the Millerville Target.

It's called a "nurse-in." The protest was organized after a Texas mom was reportedly approached by Target store employees there, and was asked to breast feed her child in a fitting room, rather than in the open store.

The moms we talked with in Baton Rouge say they've never experienced the same thing, but feel they should be able to breast feed their children in public.

"We should be able to nurse our children whenever they're hungry, wherever that may be,” Tara Pitcher, concerned mother, said. “We should not be embarrassed or harassed. So we are just here to show support and solidarity for other nursing moms."

Target stores have said in the past, mom's are allowed to breast-feed their children inside stores. They haven't responded to this specific case in Texas.

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No, ma'am. Nursing a baby in a public restroom is uncomfortable, dirty, and ridiculous. It's people like you that sexualize a natural relationship between a mother and baby.

Y'all are awesome! Thanks for showing support for an important mom and baby issue. A mom shouldn't have to hide behind closed doors to feed her baby. What could be more beautiful and normal than the nourishment of her baby the way that nature intended?! It is selfish of people to think that a baby should have to wait to eat (all while probably screaming!) because they have some weird and perverse ideas about a perfectly natural process.

This was actually quoted from a mom at Siegan Lane Target. As for the comment above, would you eat your lunch in a bathroom? If you don't want to face a child eating, I'd suggest you not leave your home. There are children eating everywhere.

Breastfeeding is a mother's choice, but doing it in public is inappropriate. I think offering the mother to do it in a fitting room or a bathroom is totally acceptable. It's your choice to breastfeed and it's our choice not to have it in our face in public. And yes, I have two children!

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