Mom 'stunned' to find child's picture on modeling website

Mom 'stunned' to find child's picture on modeling website
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POSTED: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 6:00am

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 6:04am

Imagine how you would feel if you found you child's picture on a modeling website without your permission.

That's what happened to a New Britain mom after she Googled her daughter's name.

The website not only has her picture, but all of her personal information as well.

"My daughter has Googled her name and came across her picture," Fay Flynn said. "If I Google her picture it comes up and then it brings me to a website that has her age, height and all types of information."

Flynn said she was stunned.

She said she recognized the picture, but it was taken two years ago.

"The picture was from my Facebook," she said. "From her 8th birthday."

But she has no idea how the website got all of her personal information.

"The last modeling job she did was when she was 3 or 4," she said.

Flynn said her daughter Arianna did some modeling years ago, but for another company, not Explore Talent, which is currently using her picture.

Flynn said she isn't happy and tried to call the company and email them, but they won't talk to her.

So Channel 3 Eyewitness News called Explore Talent and officials there said "We don't take photos from Facebook. The only way a photo gets on out website is if someone uploads one onto their profile."

But Flynn said she never even set up a profile.

The office of the state's Attorney General said she is encouraged to file a complaint.

In the meantime, though, Flynn said she is removing her children's pictures from Facebook.

"It's just scary," she said. "There's no reason for my kid's picture to be out there on the Internet."


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