Mom stabs, kills daughter's boyfriend in New Roads

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POSTED: Monday, July 2, 2012 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 - 9:24am

Joseph Williams Jr. is dead after allegedly being stabbed by his girlfriend's mother over the weekend in New Roads.

Family members have washed down the front porch where Williams was stabbed and died in New Roads, police say his girlfriend’s mother, Sheila Cushionberry, is responsible. Police said she allegedly stabbed him after he punched her twice in the face. Williams was at Cushionberry’s home fighting with his girlfriend, and had been asked to leave several times, but apparently refused. That’s when the fight allegedly escalated and got physical.

Neighbors along Cherry Street said Williams and his girlfriend fought often and sometimes it got physical, but they were surprised when they heard her mother had taken it to the next level.

"Sometimes the little guy and the little girl get in to it, you know. But it never really went on down here. It usually be somewhere else. but I was real shocked and surprised for the mama," Irene Campbell, a neighbor, explained.

Though family members weren't willing to talk to us on camera they did say they've got a hard road ahead. Meanwhile Campbell said she feels Cushionberry was just trying to protect her child, and that's something she can understand.

"That's things mothers go through with kids and stuff like that you know. Trying to help them and keep them out of things. And I am sorry about where she at and stuff, I could have been in that situation myself,” Campbell said.

Cushionberry is facing charges of second-degree murder, the District Attorney will need to decide whether she was acting in self-defense. An official in the district attorney's office said as of Monday afternoon the case had not yet come to them from police.

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