Miss USA contestants enjoying their time in Baton Rouge

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POSTED: Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 4:18pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 5:56pm

"You can't beat the food! I think I've gained 8 pounds since I've been here, no joke," said Haley O'Brien, Miss Minnesota.

"We've just been eating, eating, and eating, ever since we got here," said Eleanna Livaditis, Miss Colorado

Clearly, the contestants in the Miss USA contest have been enjoying their time here in the capital city, leading up to their big day on June 8th.

"I have never been to a place like this, the culture here is completely different than it is in Colorado and the food is the best food I will ever have," said Livaditis.

Even the hometown girl, Miss Louisiana, has gotten to see a side of her home state that she hasn't seen before.

"Through all of our events that we did, I actually went to some that I haven't been to before like Houmas House and Nottoway Plantation. So not only did I get to teach the girls a little bit about Louisiana but I got to learn a little bit about Louisiana with them," said Brittany Guidry.

And even though this is a competition, the whole experience has bonded them all together forever.

"I've been enjoying the experience, I'm having fun, I'm making new friendships. Possibly new bridesmaids! So who knows. It's been amazing and I feel so blessed to be here," said Yvette Bennett, Miss Idaho.

They are having the times of their lives, but let's be real, every city has its flaws.

"Definitely the humidity"

"The humidity is hard to deal with"

"The humidity, I am not used to"

"It's humid here in Baton Rouge. It is. My hair? This will drop in 5 minutes" said the girls.

Yes, the humidity here can be a bit much, but a little southern hospitality makes up for it.

"People say Minnesota nice? No, Baton Rouge nice! They need to change that. Everyone is super, super sweet here," said Haley O'Brien, Miss Minnesota.

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