Miraculous recovery for critically injured cyclist; family hopes to locate hit and run driver

Miraculous recovery for critically injured cyclist; family hopes to locate hit and run driver
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POSTED: Friday, October 19, 2012 - 4:00pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 19, 2012 - 6:50pm

Travis Hill’s family and friends say it’s a miracle he’s home today. Earlier this week, the 26-year-old was in critical condition, fighting for his life after a vehicle hit him while he was riding his bike in downtown Baton Rouge.

“He was in extremely critical condition for the first night after the accident happened,” a representative close to the family told NBC33 News. “He had a complete turn-around. We’re feeling very blessed and lucky that the situation isn’t worse than it could have been.”

Although the Hill family is counting blessing, they also hope to find the person responsible for causing the crash.

“We’re so lucky he’s here with us today. Now, we just want the person who did this to take responsibility.”

The crash happened on Tuesday, Oct. 16 shortly after 6:00 p.m. Travis left his home in downtown Baton Rouge to meet up with someone a short distance away. While traveling down Convention Street near North 19th, a silver Volvo hit him and crushed his bike. Then, the vehicle drove off without checking to see if he needed help.

“I think if the person driving the vehicle had stopped, the situation wouldn’t be so difficult for the family. Right now it’s mostly frustrating that the person didn’t take responsibility for their actions.”

Ironically, Travis is a supporter and cycling-safety advocate.

“Travis is an avid cyclist. He races in competitions,” the family representative explained. “For Travis and myself, the changes in Baton Rouge [for cyclists] are just not happening fast enough. All family members should feel that their loved one who goes out on a ride is going to come home safe.”

Cyclists like Travis advocate for more alternate routes and bike paths around the major roads in Baton Rouge to allow safe travel.

“There are areas that need attention as soon as possible; like Perkins Road, Florida Blvd, and Government Street.

“Travis and I do not ride on Perkins Road at all. We take alternate routes. But there are people who take it because they need to go to work, and if they take that alternate route, it will take them twice as long to get where they need to go.

“The space next to the railroad track that runs along Perkins is the perfect place to add the bike path.”

Although the fight to gain safer roads for cyclists in Baton Rouge is one that could take years to resolve, the family and friends hope Travis will find justice once the person who hit him is located.

“This needs to stop happening. We’re asking everyone to stay on the lookout for the vehicle.”

The Baton Rouge Police Department says there have been no new developments in this case. The vehicle is described as a 1990-91 silver Volvo 740.

If you know anything about this incident call Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-STOP (7867). You can also text your tip to CRIMES (274637). Include CS225 at the beginning of your message.

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