LSU students speak out about suspensions

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POSTED: Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 10:49pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 - 1:46am

Rumors ran rampant across LSU's campus that three impact players Tyrann Mathieu and Tharold Simon and Spencer Ware tested positive for what's considered fake weed and are reportedly suspended after ESPN.COM posted the news on their site.

Les Miles, LSU Head Coach, told reporters yesterday at a press conference: "I'm saying that where ever he got those reports. I didn't confirm them, and I'm not going to confirm them. That's not information that I will respond to."

Whether Les Miles confirms them or not students says they believe the rumors.

CJ Spears, LSU student, said, "There has got to be one bad seed in the apple. They did what they did, and there going to have to serve their time."

The media turned their attention to off field antics of the LSU football team several times before this year. But, students say when you are the top team in the country it's hard to keep your teams problems a secret.

Michel'le Jackson, LSU Student, said, "They're going to talk negative regardless because we're so big. We are number one you know.  So, we are going to get that negative attention anyways. They're going to pick and pick and find things that are wrong with us. We just have to push through it and be on top."

Other students like Evan Mount said, "It's probably a bad thing for LSU on a national level, but honestly I don't think its going to matter in their performance. But Les Miles is pretty good at controlling things and keeping them so they don't distracted."

Now like the football team, students are turning their attention to the big game on Saturday. Keeping the tigers number one title is students' top priority.

"The team is a team it doesn't matter who is out or how many people are in, as long as, you work together and cooperate together you should have no problems, " said CJ Spears.

"If they were playing Alabama, I'd be concerned not having a running back like Spencer Ware to run down the defense or like Tyrann Mathieu to shut down the passing game. "

If the rumors are true, and the three sophomores are suspended; students say they will support Coach Miles decision and the players.

Evan Mount says that Miles is a fair man, " He always gives players a second chance when they do mess up. He always sets up ways for them to earn the teams respect back. He doesn't let them just come back."

Michel'le Jackson said Tigers will come out stronger: " All the attention is going to drive them further even further than they probably ever imagined. "

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