LSU PD prepared and ready for emergency situations

LSU PD prepared and ready for emergency situations
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Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 5:36pm

College campuses are on high alert after a man was gunned down on Purdue University’s campus earlier this week, and another scare put Oklahoma University on lockdown.

Ask most students at LSU what to do if a shooter's on campus, and their response hinges more on instinct than protocol.

"I do not (know), but my first instinct would be to stay in a safe place, probably indoors with a group of people if I was in class. Or I would wait for the text they always send us," shared Freshman Lauren Guice.

"I am not sure what the plan would be off the top of my head, but my first response would be to leave campus which I am pretty sure is what they're telling everybody to do," explained Travis Delcambre, a Junior at LSU.

LSU police Captain Corey Lalonde said despite what students may say or think there is a plan.

“You know it is something that you have to react to immediately. And your number one goal is to find and neutralize the threat," explained Capt. LaLonde with the LSU police department.

LSU police explained that they change up their tactics depending on every situation. But they say in any emergency, your cell phone could be your first line of defense.

"It is definitely the fastest way that we're going to be able to reach a large amount of people and get out information that is vital to that emergency, to them. We don't have the luxury to wonder if it's going to happen. We do a lot of things and a lot of training, coordinating with other agencies, training with other agencies," explained Capt. LaLonde.

LSU Police are encouraging every staff, faculty member and student to sign up for the emergency texting system.

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