Locals react to super bowl commercials

Locals react to super bowl commercials
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Sunday, February 2, 2014 - 10:36pm

There are super bowl commercials that tug at your heart strings, and others that make you laugh. The commercials for some people are the main attractions on super bowl Sunday. Super bowl commercial fans in Baton Rouge weighed in on what they thought of this year's crop of commercials, and what makes a good super bowl spot.

"When my team is not in the super bowl the only thing I want to see is the commercials," Maya Flowers, super bowl commercial fan, said. "I live for them. "

"I love watching the commercials. I think they are very important in the overall super bowl game to see what's coming up next and looking forward to the next commercial," Michael Spletto, super bowl commercial fan, said

Commercial fans say some spots sizzled.

Linda Spletto, super bowl commercial fan, loved the Chevy commercial. She said, "That commercial hit me, because they bring the bull in and bringing sexy back. You see all the cattle there I mean that was kind of funny for me. It home, because I'm a farm girl. "

"The met life commercial they had one with the Charlie Brown gang, so that makes you feel like a kid," Flowers said. "You can't go wrong with Charlie Brown."

Some spots fans said fell flat.

"Just kind of like the car commercials. I kind of think they just all kind of look the same," Kelli Blount, super bowl commercial fan, said. " I'm never to big of a fan of those. "

"Actually, the Doritos ones are usually pretty funny," Michael Spletto said. "So far that one was good, but it didn't really attract my attention that it was a great commercial. "

When it comes to super bowl commercials fans say it takes a little extra magic to make a spot a hit.

"You almost want like a mini movie because like you hear about how much they cost so you don't want something simple," Flowers said.

She went on to say: "You watch in suspense because it's a super bowl commercial. You expect something crazy is going to happen. It can't be a regular commercial that advertises a product... somebody famous is popping up. There is a camio. Someone's going to die. Like something is got to happen, because like it's a super bowl commercial."

"A good commercial is one that really surprises me," Linda Spletto, said. "Something that is totally out of the ordinary that I would never guess, and all of a sudden you're like oh my gosh. That is the best. Who thought of that. "

Fans said this years group of commercials were ok.

"Not the best ever, but far from the worst," Flowers said.

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