Local woman creates 'Hot Mom Bod' diet to help women lose weight

photo courtesy of Leslie Lancaster
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POSTED: Monday, February 3, 2014 - 11:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 10:17am

Leslie Lancaster is a woman with whom many of us moms can relate. She says she put on fifty pounds with both her pregnancies…and ate a ton of whatever she wanted both times. But after her second child was born, she was ready for a change.

"It was after I had my second child and I was just skinny fat...I was still thin but I was just flabby, had no muscle tone. And I just didn't feel good about myself." That's when she started working out. Then one day, she came across a magazine that changed everything.

"On the cover there was this lady. She was realistic. She had curves and she was toned. So I bought it, took it home and started reading it. And there were Moms in there. Transformation stories about moms in there. . And I knew if they could do it I could too!"

And that's exactly what she did. Leslie began studying nutrition, focusing her work-outs and literally transformed her body. In fact, the transformation was so dramatic, people suggested she write a book.

That's how "The Hot Mom Bod: from Flab to Fab" came to be, followed soon after by "The Hot Mom Bod 30 Day Challenge." The second is a guide to fat loss for women. And it takes all the guess work out of eating healthy. In it, Leslie tells you what to shop for week by week, what to eat, even how to prepare it all. She s says, "It's very specific. I tried to cut down on the waste of food. And I utilize leftovers for meals and all the macro-nutrients have been calculated so you don't have to worry about counting out proteins, carbs and fats…because I've done that!"

And you'll be amazed by just how much food she tells you to eat! Leslie says the reason most women have so much trouble losing weight is they simply don't eat enough.

" So their bodies just stall out. They won't release the fat because your body goes into preservation mode and it says "nope, you're trying to starve me, so I'm not gonna release any fat."

Of course, it's not just the quantity, but the quality of the foods that's important. And while exercise is a good thing, Leslie says it's mainly good nutrition that's key to changing your body.

"70-80% of what your body looks like is based on what you put in your mouth. and to me that was very empowering because you can't control genetics but you can control what you put in your mouth. t's not gonna be easy. but it's gonna be worth it."

*Leslie Lancaster is certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. For more information on Leslie Lancaster and "The Hot Mom Bod", click here. 

























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