Local reactions mixed after U.S. Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act

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POSTED: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 11:27am

People paraded throughout the State Capitol this morning after the Supreme Court shot down the Defense of Marriage Act.

Some local gay activists say that this is a huge step in the name of gay rights and has been a long time coming.

"All loving couples, regardless of gender, have been affirmed,” stated Reverend Steve Crump. “How can you deny citizenship and human rights in this case to people who are in mutuality and in love?"

Others, however, are disappointed in the decision that came down early Wednesday morning.

“A lot of people see these moves as part of an inevitable movement, and I just don't see that as true,” stated lawyer Jeff Wittenbrink. “I think what's happening is you will have more and more public backlash toward these special rights being grantee to these folks.”

Supporters of same sex marriage rights say this hasn't been an easy journey.

“It's a split decision - a 5/4 decision,” said Crump. “There are those outposts for whom this will be a shock."

The decision comes as a shock to some people and still hasn't settled in.

“While this is a big decision, it’s not really clear so many people actually want to get married,” stated Wittenbrink. “It’s not been a traditional part of their lifestyle.”

Here in Louisiana, one of the states that still does not recognize gay marriage, the ruling won’t change a thing. Louisiana voters outlawed gay marriage in this state in 2004.

“If it changes here, it’s going to be a long time down the road," said Wittenbrink.

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People who do not accept equal rights for the gay community are likely to also be racist, sexist, Republican, and anti-immigration as well as rabidly anti abortion. In other words, political conservatives who don't follow the walk of Christ but consider themselves christian. They are a disgrace to those of us who are Christians and a hindrance to the Holy Spirit

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