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Local men develop new device that plays music underwater: only one of its kind

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POSTED: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 8:54am

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 11:43am

From hurricanes, to fishing and even boating on the Mississippi, water is a part of every day life in Louisiana. Now, an invention designed and developed by Louisiana natives is about take the nation by storm.

The device, that makes it possible for you to listen to music while you're under water, has already impressed those at the consumer electronics show in Vegas.

"I was surprised that this even worked."

It was an idea Aeron McHugh started playing with over a year ago and it’s now coming to life before his eyes.

“I worked in the film industry and I wanted a speaker that was rugged and reliable and could live up to the demands of travel of working in extreme locations," said inventor, Aeron McKeough.

So he did just that, he invented a waterproof, durable case and speaker-

But Aeron kept it quiet for awhile. He only confided in a close friend, who he knew would keep his *a-ha moment safe.

“I would take him all around the world with me to work as my camera assistant so he trusted me,” said Chief Executive Officer, Michael Applebaum trusted me enough to show me this."

He trusted him enough to show him what's now called "Drytunes".

“Whatever you want to protect is in here and it’s totally protected,” said Applebaum.

You control the music with any Bluetooth device, even when you're under water.

“We love this state. We're from here. We love this area. We're hunters and fisherman ourselves so it's important to us."

So friends Michael and Aeron, cameramen by trade, can now call themselves entrepreneurs.

“I did internet searches and there really wasn't anything like this," noted McKeough.

So now these men are even in the process of developing apps for hunters and fishermen with calls to play on drytunes.

To purchase one of the devices you can visit their website

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