Local martial arts instructor gives tips on self defense, says always be aware

Local martial arts instructor gives tips on self defense, says always be aware
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Monday, January 20, 2014 - 6:09pm

With the recent string of home invasions and sexual assaults in Baton Rouge, police are urging women to learn some self defense.

"You never know where you’re going to be when you get attacked."

Suzzette Navejar is taking a stand. She’s learning how to defend herself in case she's ever in a compromising situation.

“Even though I am tiny and small I know I have the confidence to defend myself get away or call the cops,” said Navejar.

It’s a form of martial arts called Krav Maga.

“That’s the whole premise behind Krav Maga. It’s how to do things simply effectively and get home,” said Sr. Master Arlyn Benson from ATA Martial Arts in Baton Rouge.

Sr. Master Benson taught us a few quick moves you can do to protect yourself, no matter your age or your size.

"The palm heel is a good one because you can hit the person in the face you cam blind them out," stated Navejar.

The second simple move would be a kick but Benson says, it’s not all about hitting the groin.

“I am not talking about hitting the groin because chances are you won’t hit him hard enough to drop him."

And then putting those quick moves together will help you get out, if someone were to attack.

These are just a few moves, Suzzette says helps her feel secure. But the one thing that anyone can’t forget is as simple as two words.

“The biggest thing is of course be aware,” noted Benson.

Those self defense classes for women next month will take place at the b-r-p-d training academy on airline highway. The classes are free.

Some other self defense tips are to listen to your gut, keep your hands free, walk with confidence, and use your voice are all important as well. There are numerous safety apps your can download on your cell phone. Some of those include Guardly, Circle of 6, MyForce, On Watch, Hollaback, TaxiPal and Taxi Magic.

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