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Livingston Parish SPCA holds adpot a dog day at PetsMart

Livingston Parish SPCA holds adpot a dog day at PetsMart
Photo provided by staff.
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Saturday, June 21, 2014 - 3:07pm

"This is special because we all gather here, most of our group today,
with most of our available babies all in one place. So if you're
undecided it's definitely a good time to come look at all of them and
pick one out."

That is what Christine Blankenship, adoption director at the Livingston Parish SPCA said today at "adopt a dog" event today held at PetsMart in Baton Rouge. People came from as far as Dallas, Texas to adopt a dog and what made Saturday special is that many of the pups, weren't even supposed to be here.

"We get them from a variety of places. The number one place we pull from is kill shelters. Local kill shelters, where they would normally
be put down at any time. We go in and rescue them, vaccinate them, and rehabilitate them in our homes. Get them ready to go out and we takes strays we find in the area," said Blankenship.

And it's safe to say, the dogs were elated to find permanent, loving homes.

"A friend of ours found him and we knew that he was up for adoption
with the SPCA of Livingston and so I came out today and adopted him," said Monet Sasser of Baton Rouge.

And many feel that adopting is the most important way to get a pet,
because many of the animals in shelters can fall through the cracks.

"There's so many of them, they are in desperate need of a home. You
know the ones with the breeders are going to find a home but these
guys always don't and it's also a proven fact that mixed breeds have a
much better temperament," said Blankenship.

"Whenever we talked about getting any kind of dog we always talked
about adopting just because they are more in need," Sasser added.

And of course, there are the people who foster dogs, until they find a
home, that play a vital role in keeping dogs off the streets.

"It's a wonderful feeling, just a wonderful feeling. We need more
fosters cause we don't have enough and there's a lot of dogs that are
on death row," said Cindy Tew, a foster owner to three dogs.

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