Kelsey Scram takes BRPD Equalizer course

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - 6:25pm

A self defense class that's being put on for free by the Baton Rouge Police Department gives women a fighting chance at survival. NBC33's Kelsey Scram decided to join one of the classes to learn, firsthand, how to fight off an attacker.

The class gets straight to the tough stuff. Highly trained BRPD instructors give the women in the class some pretty scary scenarios and teach their students how to react.

"We give you the tools to help you get away," says Cpl. Rendy Richard. "Our biggest thing is not to sit there and fight these people. It's to survive and escape."

Mastering the moves could help save a life. "If you come back and tell me that you survived, then we won," Richard says. "I think this is a must have for everyone, every female, every mother and daughter age 13 and up should take this class."

Jean Courville, 75, took a class like this 18 years ago. She decided it was high time for a refresher.

"At my age, I'm a target," she says.

Courville says the Equalizer course gives her self confidence, and a serious shot at surviving an attack. "You can learn how to give yourself time to get away. If you can slow them down, then maybe you can outrun them."

The Equalizer course is taken in 16 hours over the course of two weeks. Classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays for four hours, and it's free! Baton Rouge Police offer several of those classes every year.

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